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Jet Warbirds of the World

by John Dyer

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UPDATE 2 - 21/01/04

Two months have passed since the first update to “Jet Warbirds of the World” and continuing research has uncovered a good few new identities previously unknown to my good self. In addition to these, there has been the usual crop of new aircraft and others that have changed hands. Copies of the book are still available from the address above.

Alpha Jet  
N148XA Alpha Jet New registration ex WGAF 41+48 & registered to Iron Chicken Corp, Wilmington , DE
F-16 Fighting Falcon  
N161LM F-16RF Type now quoted as F-16E/F. Recent photos in the aviation press show this also carrying the serial 3001
N162LM F-16RF Type now quoted as F-16E/F
N163LM F-16RF Type now quoted as F-16E/F
F-84 Thunderjet/Thunderstreak/Thunderflash  
Thanks to an old copy of USCAR lent by Bernard King , the following additional aircraft have come to light. None are currently registered and, unfortunately, no data regarding their previous owners or locations is available. Most, if not all, were probably supplied to various schools/colleges as GI airframes.
N1037B F-84G ex 51-0949
N1277V F-84E ex 50-1121
N1278V F-84G ex 51-0659
N4065A F-84G ex 51-0523
N4114A F-84E ex 50-1145
N4118A F-84G ex 51-1269
N4928C RF-84F ex 52-7264
N5503A F-84B ex 45-59510
N6054C F-84B ex 45-59515
N6096V F-84G ex 51-0734
N6473D F-84G ex 51-0780
N6880C F-84E ex 49-2371
N6882C F-84E ex 49-2344
N7145C F-84F ex 51-9329
N7606C F-84G ex 51-0820
N10463 F-84D ex 48-0728
F-100 Super Sabre  
Another aircraft to come to light via an old copy of USCAR is....
N5556V F-100A ex 52-5772. Not current
Hawker Hunter  
G-RUUD Hunter F58 Sold to Sweden (cancelled in UK 16/12/03 )
HB-RVW Hunter T68 New registration ex Swiss A/F. Registered to Fondation du Musee l'Aviation, Yverdon
Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros  
N39AU L-39 New registration ex Ukraine A/F 52. Registered to T.C. Morgan, Arlington , WA
N39XK L-39 Was reservation. Now registered to Aeromaxx LLC, Wilmington , DE
N57XJ L-39C ex N3958J. New owner is 3X Jet LLC, Golden. CO
N64XX L-39C To N290DC (was reserved as such)
N139US L-39 Was reservation. Now registered to Aeromaxx LLC, Wilmington , DE
N290DC L-39C Was reservation. Now registered to Millennium Equipment Holdings, Wilmington , DE


L-39C To N57XJ
Thanks to Andy Marden, the following information corrects that previously appearing in A-B News and reported in the last update....




RA-00101 L-39 Should read RF-00101
RA-00102 L-39 Should read RF-00102
RA-00103 L-39 Should read RF-00103
RA-00106 L-39 Should read RF-00106
RA-00109 L-39 Should read RF-00109


Should read RF-00110
RA-00111 L-39 Should read RF-00111
RF-00114 L-39 New registration.Owner not known
Lockheed T-33/Canadair CL-30    
A couple more gremlins have been found in the book & the situation regarding the Danish aircraft is now clearer    
C-FWIS CL-30 Sold to USA 11/03
N1053Z T-33A Newly “discovered” ex 53-5995. Not current
N7089D T-33A Somehow appears twice on P70. Amend first reference to read “Preserved at Fernandina Beach , FL as 138073”. Delete second reference
N7507U T-33A Also appears twice on P70. Amend location in first reference to “Noblesville”. Delete second reference
N49239 T-33A Amend entry to read “ Stored dismantled at Vamdrup , Denmark . OY-JRU reserved”

Add this aircraft. Ex N49239 - reservation since 1997

OY-RUT T-33A Delete the first reference to this aircraft
OY-RUT T33A Amend the second reference to read ex N32GB. “Shooting Star Investments, Vamdrup , Denmark. Danish A/T titles and RDAF colours”
Cessna T-37 “Tweetie Bird”    
Once again, thanks to Bernard King & USCAR, the following ferry registrations for Brazilian A/F T-37Cs can be added....    
N7006C T-37C

To Brazilian A/F 0870

N7007C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0871
N7018C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0872
N7020C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0873
N7021C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0874
N7022C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0875
N7025C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0876
N7035C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0877
N7039C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0878
N7040C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0879
N7041C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0880
N7042C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0881
N7043C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0882
N7044C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0883
N7045C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0884
N7046C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0885
N7053C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0886
N7060C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0887
N7063C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0888
N7066C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0889
N7068C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0890
N7069C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0891
N7071C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0892
N7072C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0893
N7073C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0894
N7074C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0895
N7079C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0896
N7087C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0899
N7089C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0900
N7092C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0902
N7094C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0903
N7097C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0904
N7098C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0905
N7099C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0906
N7109C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0907
N7114C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0908
N7132C T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0909
N8426F T-37C To Brazilian A/F 0898

De Havilland DH100/113/115 Vampire



A welcome addition to the South African register is this Vampire....    
ZU-DFH Vampire T55 ex RRAF R4152. Registered to the SAAF (once was SAAF 277)
De Havilland DH112 Venom    
G-DHVM Venom FB50 New registration ex G-GONE. Registered to Aviation Heritage (Air Atlantique), Coventry Airport . Air Atlantique have also obtained ex Swiss A/F machines J-1629 & J-1642 (neither civil registered)

Thanks to Air Britain News, the CAA & FAA Registers, Bernard King & Andy Marden for the above.



UPDATE 1 - 24/11/03

Though a long time in the gestation, the above publication has finally hit the shelves. If you haven't already purchased your copy, then it is available from The Aviation Hobby Shop, 4 Horton Parade, Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 8EA (telephone 01895-442123) for a mere £5.95. Originally intended as an article for "Hawkeye", this project soon outgrew itself, until a separate publication became inevitable. The Jet Warbird scene is forever changing & as soon as the book was published, it became out of date. As a consequence of this, I am intending to provide regular updates for "Hawkeye" readers. While the publication was last updated at the end of September, just prior to going to the printer, the following changes had already occurred by 23rd November. Also listed are corrections to the inevitable typos that seem to creep into any publication the moment that you print it.

CM170 Magister  
EI-BXO CM170R Owner is now known to be Gerry Connelly, Slane, County Meath
F-AZKH CM170R No longer a reservation & registered to P. Osteau, Albi
N325DM CM170R This aircraft supposedly was exported to El Salvador, but has now reappeared on the US Register as N356AE. Did it ever get registered in El Salvador?
N356AE CM170R Ex N325DM & registered to J.A. Remudo, Weston, FL
N404DM CM170R Now registered to R.C. Kemp, Galveston, TX
N504DF CM170R Now registered to FX Aviation, Calhoun, GA
N513FM CM170R Harris Air, Logan, UT

F-84 Thunderjet/Thunderstreak/Thunderflash

Unfortunately, a couple of gremlins crept in here  
N28345 F-84F Correction - this is, in fact a RF-84F
N94217 F-84F Correction - the previous identity is 51-1817 not 51-1807

F-86 Sabre/Fury

N86FR F-86F Now registered to F86 LLC, Coconut Grove, FL
N92321 FJ-3D Seems to be changing owners as it now appears on the US Register as Registration Pending, Castro Valley, CA

F-104 Starfighter

N825NA TF-104G Despite having gone on display at Moffett, CA by October 1996, this aircraft was only cancelled from the US Register on 06/10/03
N826NA RF-104G Only cancelled from US Register on 06/10/03, though made its last flight on 01/02/94 & has been on display at Edwards AFB, CA ever since
N62566 F-104A This should read N62556 & is now believed to be ex RJAF 801
N66328 F-104A Now believed to be ex RJAF 909
Fokker S-14
A further aircraft has now appeared as a reservation on the Dutch Register  
PH-SIY Fokker S-14 ex KLU L-17
G-GNAT Gnat T1 Left the UK by boat for Australia on 04/10/03
EC-GZN HA200D Owner now known to be Fundacio Parc Aeronautic de Catalunya
EC-IFJ HA220 Owner now known to be Real Aero Club de Sevilla
F-AZHS F58 Flew Kemble, Inverness, Keflavik, Canada early September 2003 to join the Northern Lights fleet. Cancelled from French Register 10/10/03 & not yet registered Canadian
Jet Provost  
G-BXBJ JP T3A In "World Military out of Service", Andy Marden suggests that this could be the aircraft reported at Dubai Men's College in January this year
L-29 Delfin
FLARF-01064 L-29 Noted at Myachkovo earlier this year. Ex Soviet A/F?
FLARF-02902 L-29 As above
N27SR L-29R Now registered to DRB Helicopters, Klamath Falls, OR
N105EC L-29 Reservation for E. Casillas, Fallbrook, CA ex N4433H
N2998 L-29 Now known to be ex Bulgarian A/F 98
N4433H L-29 Registration N105EC reserved (see above)
N97869 L-29R Owner now known to be D.L. Zweigle
RA-1750K L-29 Noted at Myachkovo earlier this year. Ex Soviet A/F? 77
RF-00314 L-29 Noted at Myachkovo earlier this year. Ex Soviet A/F?
L-39 Albatros  
N25AL L-39C Has been sold to Michael Delcamp Inc, Wilmington, DE
N39AX L-39 New registration for D.C. Bischoff, Oakridge, OR. Ex Ukraine A/F 22
N39ED L-39 New registration for Apogee Aerospace Inc, Antioch, CA. Ex Ukraine A/F
N39XK L-39 Reservation . Ex Ukraine A/F 76
N60GS L-39 Has been sold to Professional Media Service Corp, Wilmington, DE
L-39 Registration N290DC reserved
N95NL L-39C This is the aircraft that mysteriously shows up just as "SL" near the bottom of page 46
N101PX L-39ZO Ex N13045 & still registered to Ardmore International Jets, now has an address of Port Orange, FL
N139JT L-39C Now registered to Czeck Time LLC, Los Angeles, CA
N139US L-39 Reservation. Ex Ukraine A/F
N159MU L-39 New registration for Angleica Boring Co, Pittsford, NY. This aircraft's pedigree will be particularly tricky to trace as the c/no is only quoted as "25".
N219SA L-39C Now registered to Aircraft Guaranty Title & Trust, Houston, TX
N290DC L-39 Reservation for Millennium Equipment Holdings , Dover, DE
N402ZA L-39ZA To N601CG
N439RS L-39C Has been on loan to the 412th TS at Edwards AFB, CA as 00-0439/N439RS. Register now shows this aircraft as Registration Pending, Driggs, ID
N601GC L-39ZA Ex N402ZA & registered to Concorde Group Aviation, Oak Harbor, WA
N805JH L-39 No longer reserved, now fully registered
N3958J L-39C Now registered to 3X Jet LLC, Golden, CO
N13045 L-39ZO To N101PX
N23991 L-39C Now registered to Careers in Aviation Inc, Atlanta, GA
N43882 L-39C To N805JH
N62746 L-39 Now known to be ex Ukraine A/F
RA-01001 L-39 Noted at Zhukovsky earlier this year. Ex Soviet A/F?
RA-01002 L-39 As above
RA-01003 L-39 As above
RA-01006 L-39 As above
RA-01009 L-39 As above
RA-01010 L-39 As above
RA-01011 L-39 As above
RA-10909 L-39ZO Comment should read "Based at Reims/Prunay, France" demonstrating the dangers of using the "Replace All" feature in Microsoft Word!
RF-00353 L-39 Noted at Myachkovo earlier this yar. Ex Soviet A/F?
ZU-DEW L-39 New registration for S.D Davidson, t/a Seaview Aerobatics, Port Elizabeth, SA. Ex Ukraine A/F 32
Mig 15  
N13KM Lim-2 Restored to J. MacGuire, Santa Teresa, NM. Ex N106JB
N106JB Lim-2 Reverted to N13KM
N710DW SBLim-2 To K.G. Warner, Fallon, NV
N7800W SBLim-2 New registration ex Polish A/F 011. No owner yet quoted on US Register
N90589 (F-2) Owner now shown as Western Aerospace Museum, Oakland, CA
N51SR T-33A Now shows on US Register as Sale Reported, Wilmington, DE
N53KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133053 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N84KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133083 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N165KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133165 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N263KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133263 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N346KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133346 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N377JP CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133377 for Aircraft Guaranty Management & Trust, Houston, TX
N446KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133446 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N479KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133479 probably for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS, but no owner quoted in US Register
N483KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133483 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N499KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133500 probably for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS, but no
owner quoted in US Register
N504KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133504 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N560KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133560 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N571KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133571 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N577KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133577 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
N604KK CL-30 New registration ex CAF 133604 for AirCapitol, Warbirds, Derby, KS
  Most of the ex CAF machines above have registrations matching the last part of the CAF serial. Exceptions are 133083, which could not become N83KK as it is a Beech Baron & 133500, which could not become N500KK as it is a Pilatus P-3
N99192 CL-30 Sadly, this aircraft was W/O 02/11/03 near Santa Clarita, CA, killing the pilot

TS-11 Iskra

N609A TS-11 Now registered to High Air Inc, Wilmington, DE
N7110K TS-11 Now registered to W.R. Silva, San Jose, CA

Thanks to Air Britain News, the FAA Register & Andy Marden for the above


ZK-LLR L-39 s/n 332701

ZK-LLR   L-39   s/n 332701