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 Gatwick Schedules

Summer 2018

Note that some flights which run on multiple days have slight variations in arrival times, where this is so they have been amalgamated into one ‘average’ arrival time.

For a more accurate listing please check the arrivals board at www.gatwickairport.com on the day of your visit.


0005 Sun Norwegian B737 Ibiza D89461
0005 Mon Enter Air B737 Preveza ENT430
0010 356 Norwegian B737 Tenerife D89455
0010 Sat Norwegian B737 Arrecife D82449
0025 Mon/Sun Norwegian B737 Kos D89561
0030 Wed/Fri Norwegian B737 Palma D82427
0040 Mon Norwegian B737 Paphos D89467
0045 Sun Norwegian B737 Palma D82425
0105 Fri Norwegian B737 La Palma D89489
0110 Wed Norwegian B737 Malta D89541
0110 Thu Norwegian B737 Rhodes D89543
0115 Fri Norwegian B737 Malaga D89553
0120 Mon Norwegian B737 Arrecife D89509
0150 Sun Norwegian B737 Santorini D82503
0640 Daily Cathay Pacific A350 Hong Kong CX343
0655 Mon/Tue Air Transat A330 Vancouver TS794
0700 Sun Norwegian B737 Rhodes D82505
0710 Sun Norwegian B737 Corfu D82517
0710 2347 Vueling A320 Paris VY8770
0710 Daily Qatar B787 Doha QR329
0720 Daily Emirates A380 Dubai EK11
0720 Thu Air Transat A330 Vancouver TS274
0750 Sun Air Transat A330 Calgary TS704
0755 Wed Air Transat A330 Toronto TS504
0755 Sat/Sun Vueling A320 Rome VY6224
0805 123456 Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82899
0805 Daily Ryanair B737 Dublin FR120
0810 Sat Norwegian B737 Bergen DY1314
0825 Daily Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7834
0825 Daily WestJet B737 Halifax WS24
0825 Fri Air Transat A330 Vancouver TS494
0840 123456 Norwegian B737 Oslo DY1302
0840 Daily Air Baltic EQV Riga BT651
0840 123456 Norwegian B737 Stockholm D82849
0845 Sat Air Transat A330 Vancouver TS576
0900 Daily Vueling A321 Barcelona VY7822
0900 Daily Aer Lingus A320 Dublin EI230
0900 Daily Air Europa EQV Madrid UX1013
0900 Daily WestJet B767 Toronto WS3
0905 Sun Air Transat A330 Vancouver TS676
0910 Daily Ryanair B737 Dublin FR112
0910 Daily Norwegian B737 Helsinki D8366
0910 Daily Norwegian B737 Malaga D85000
0920 Tue Air Transat A330 Toronto TS282
0925 Fri Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82905
0925 1347 Norwegian B737 Gothenburg DY4439
0925 13457 Norwegian B737 Madrid D86050
0930 Sun Norwegian B737 Chania D82531
0935 Daily Turkish A321 Istanbul-IST TK1981
0945 Daily TAP EQV Lisbon TP336
0950 Thu/Sat Air Transat A310 Montreal TS7*8
0950 Sat Air Transat A330 Calgary TS804
0950 246 Ryanair B737 Alicante FR2714
0955 Thu Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7525
1005 Wed/Thu Tunis Air A320 Tunis TU790
1005 Daily Air Transat A330 Toronto TS*22
1005 Tue Cobalt A320 Larnaca CO540
1010 Daily Iberia Express A320 Madrid I23714
1010 267 Air Italy B737 Olbia IG185
1015 123457 Norwegian B737 Bergen DY1316
1015 Daily Aer Lingus A320 Dublin EI232
1020 357 Royal Air Maroc B737 Casablanca AT802
1025 Daily WOW A321 Keflavik WW810
1035 Thu Air Transat A330 Calgary TS540
1035 Tue/Sun WestJet B767 Calgary/Edmonton WS26
1035 157 Norwegian B737 Oslo D82801
1040 Tue Norwegian B737 Aalborg D82921
1045 12345 Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82901
1045 Thu Norwegian B737 Stavanger D82829
1050 1456 WestJet B767 Calgary WS1
1050 Daily Turkish B737 Istanbul-SAW TK1963
1050 Thu/Sun Vueling A320 Paris VY8776
1055 Daily Air Malta A320 Malta KM116
1105 Daily TAP EQV Porto TP334
1105 Sun Norwegian B737 Barcelona D85500
1120 234567 WestJet B767 Vancouver WS22
1125 Daily Ukraine International B737 Kiev PS111
1135 Sat Norwegian B737 Oslo D82805
1135 123457 Ryanair B737 Cork FR9852
1145 Daily Icelandair B757 Keflavik FI470
1200 126 Norwegian B737 Palma D89479
1210 123457 Norwegian B737 Stockholm D82851
1215 Wed Norwegian B737 Verona D89547
1215 Tue Norwegian B737 Palma D89483
1220 Sat Norwegian B737 Dubrovnik D82605
1235 Daily Emirates A380 Dubai EK15
1240 Daily Ryanair B737 Dublin FR114
1240 Mon WestJet B767 Vancouver WS22
1250 Tue/Thu Norwegian B737 Alicante D89459
1255 Thu/Sun Norwegian B737 Faro D89495
1255 Tue/Sat Air Arabia Maroc A320 Tangier 3O101
1305 Daily Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82903
1310 Sat Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7828
1310 Sat Norwegian B737 Ibiza D89477
1310 Sat Norwegian B737 Reus D89569
1320 Sat Norwegian B737 Ibiza D89453
1320 1357 Belavia E195 Minsk B2851
1325 Sat Norwegian B737 Catania D82649
1335 Sun Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82907
1335 Thu/Fri Travel Service B737 Prague QS1096
1350 Daily Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7826
1350 Thu Norwegian B737 Chania D82531
1355 Fri Norwegian B737 Mahon D89491
1355 Sun Norwegian B737 Zakinthos D89481
1400 Sat Aer Lingus A320 Knock EI912
1400 Wed Norwegian B737 Kefallinia D82525
1405 Mon/Fri Norwegian B737 Palma D82423
1410 Mon/Fri Norwegian B737 Split D89557
1415 Wed/Sun Norwegian B737 Malaga D89553
1415 Daily Qatar B787 Doha QR327
1425 Wed/Sun Montenegro Airlines E195 Tivat YM812
1425 Daily Aer Lingus A320 Dublin EI236
1425 123457 Ryanair B737 Dublin FR122
1425 123457 Norwegian B737 Oslo D82805
1425 Thu Norwegian B737 Almeria D89487
1425 12345 Vueling A320 Rome VY6224
1455 Sun Norwegian B737 Kefallinia D89457
1500 Fri Norwegian B737 Tenerife D86400
1500 Wed Cobalt A320 Larnaca CO540
1505 23467 Vueling A319 Florence VY6206
1505 Mon Norwegian B737 Corfu D89475
1515 Mon Norwegian B737 Bourgas D89545
1525 Sun Enter Air B737 Preveza ENT428
1525 246 Royal Air Maroc B737 Casablanca AT802
1530 Sat Ryanair B737 Cork FR9852
1535 1235 TAP A320 Lisbon TP342
1535 Wed Norwegian B737 Palma D82429
1535 Mon/Fri Croatia Airlines A320 Split OU494
1540 Sat Norwegian B737 Gran Canaria D82419
1545 Sun Norwegian B737 Stockholm DY4455
1545 Wed Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7525
1545 Sat Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7830
1545 245 Vueling A320 Asturias VY7314
1545 12345 Norwegian B737 Stockholm D82853
1545 Wed Norwegian B737 Kavala D89463
1550 Tue Norwegian B737 Larnaca D82557
1550 Sun Norwegian B737 Tenerife D82411
1550 12356 China Airlines A350 Taipei CI069
1600 Daily Turkish A321 Istanbul-IST TK1997
1600 Daily Rossiya A319 St Petersburg FV6619
1610 Tue Norwegian B737 Gothenburg D82869
1610 Mon Tunis Air A320 Tunis TU790
1615 Thu Norwegian B737 Aalborg D82921
1615 Sun Balkan Holidays A320 Bourgas BGH5551
1620 Daily Air Europa EQV Madrid UX1015
1625 Sat Norwegian B737 Chania D89567
1635 Tue Norwegian B737 Heraklion D89563
1635 Sat Norwegian B737 Alicante D82439
1635 123457 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin EI238
1640 Mon Enter Air B737 Corfu ENT433
1640 Daily Air Baltic EQV Riga BT653
1650 Sun Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82905
1655 Sat Norwegian B737 Larnaca D82557
1700 Tue/Thu Norwegian B737 Oslo D82803
1700 Sun Norwegian B737 Stavanger D82829
1700 Tue/Sat Air Baltic B737 Tallinn BT649
1710 135 Ryanair B737 Alicante FR2714
1710 Daily Ryanair B737 Dublin FR116
1710 Mon/Fri Norwegian B737 Oslo D82804
1710 Wed Norwegian B737 Split D82601
1715 Mon Norwegian B737 Gran Canaria D85850
1715 Thu Norwegian B737 Kefallinia D89457
1725 Sat Norwegian B737 Kefallinia D82525
1725 Sat Cobalt A320 Athens/Larnaca CO240
1750 246 Rwandair A330 Kigali/Brussels WB700
1805 Wed Norwegian B737 Larnaca D89461
1810 123457 Norwegian B737 Helsinki D8370
1820 Tue Norwegian B737 Faro D82671
1820 Daily Ryanair B737 Dublin FR142
1825 1345 Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82907
1830 Wed/Thu Norwegian B737 Tenerife D86400
1835 Tue/Thu Norwegian B737 Alicante D85302
1840 12356 Norwegian B737 Barcelona D85502
1845 Sat Norwegian B737 Oslo DY1306
1845 123467 Vueling A321 Barcelona VY7824
1855 Sat Vueling A319 Florence VY6204
1855 Thu Enter Air B737 Samos ENT440
1855 Sat Norwegian B737 Palma D82427
1900 Mon Pegasus B737 Dalaman PC5101
1900 Wed Enter Air B737 Kos ENT438
1905 Daily Vueling A320 Bilbao VY7292
1905 12345 Norwegian B737 Gothenburg DY4441
1910 Sun Norwegian B737 Aalborg D82921
1910 123457 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin EI244
1915 123457 Norwegian B737 Stockholm D82857
1925 Wed Norwegian B737 Tenerife D82411
1930 Daily Ryanair B737 Shannon FR1182
1930 Sat Norwegian B737 Malaga D85002
1940 Sat Enter Air B737 Kefallinia ENT448
1940 Daily Norwegian B737 Madrid D86054
1940 Sat Air Azores B737 Ponta Delgada S4540
1945 Daily Emirates A380 Dubai EK9
1950 Mon/Fri Vueling A319 Florence VY6206
1955 123457 Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82909
2000 Fri Enter Air B737 Skiathos/Volos ENT443
2000 Daily Iberia Express A320 Madrid I23718
2000 257 Air China A330 Chengdu CA423
2005 123457 Norwegian B737 Oslo D82807
2005 Daily Vueling A320 Rome VY6228
2005 Wed/Sat Tianjin Airlines A330 Tianjin/Chongqing GS7965
2010 123457 Norwegian B737 Bergen DY1318
2010 Wed/Sat Air Arabia Maroc A320 Fez 3O103
2010 Daily WOW A321 Keflavik WW814
2010 Sat Cobalt A320 Larnaca CO546
2015 Daily Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7820
2015 Daily Vueling A320 Paris VY8772
2020 457 Cobalt A320 Larnaca CO540
2025 Daily TAP E195 Porto TP338
2030 Tue/Thu Air Arabia Maroc A320 Marrakech 3O105
2035 123457 Norwegian B737 Stavanger DY1336
2040 Fri/Sat Qatar B787 Doha QR331
2050 Tue Norwegian B737 Tenerife D86402
2050 Sat Norwegian B737 Ibiza D89503
2050 12345 Vueling A320 Barcelona VY7828
2050 Daily Ryanair B737 Dublin FR118
2055 123457 Aer Lingus A320 Knock EI912
2055 Mon/Sun Travel Service B737 Prague QS1098
2100 Wed Turkish B737 Bodrum TK1208
2100 Sat Norwegian B737 Mahon D89493
2100 Mon Norwegian B737 Split D89555
2110 Tue Cobalt A320 Athens/Larnaca CO240
2115 Daily Wizz Air A321 Bucharest W63031
2115 Thu Norwegian B737 Thessalonika D89551
2120 Wed Norwegian B737 Preveza D89549
2125 Tue Norwegian B737 Zakinthos D89481
2120 Thu Iraqi Airways A320 Baghdad/Malmo IA237
2125 Wed Iraqi Airways A320 Sulaimaniyah/Malmo IA239
2135 Daily Ukraine International B737 Kiev PS113
2150 Wed/Sat Georgian Airways EQV Tbilisi A9751
2155 Fri Norwegian B737 Naples D89499
2205 Thu/Sat Norwegian B737 Faro D82671
2230 Mon Norwegian B737 Ibiza D89453
2235 Mon Norwegian B737 Naples D89451
2235 Daily Norwegian B737 Stockholm D82859
2240 Tue Norwegian B737 Copenhagen D82907
2240 Mon/Sat Norwegian B737 Catania D82649
2250 Tue Enter Air B737 Banjul ENT478
2310 Mon Norwegian B737 Arrecife D89473
2315 236 Norwegian B737 Fuertaventura D89465
2315 Sun Norwegian B737 Gothenburg D82871
2325 Sun Norwegian B737 Oslo D82809
2340 Sat Norwegian B737 Split D82601
2345 Wed Norwegian B737 Gran Canaria D82419
2345 Wed Norwegian B737 Gran Canaria D89559
2350 1367 Norwegian B737 Trondheim D82833
2355 Sun Norwegian B737 Heraklion D89563